Chapter Championship

2018 Chapter Championship Results

Here are the results for the 2018 LPGA Amateur Seattle Chapter Championship. All 1st Low Gross & 1st Low Net winners as well as the 1st & 2nd place Scramble Teams are eligible to go to the PNW Semi Finals at OGA Golf Course in Woodburn, OR on August 4th.

2018 Seattle Chapter Championship Photos

Scramble Teams
1st Place Scramble Team:  Team DEL ROSARIO

2nd Place Scramble Team:  Team HERLIN

3rd Place Scramble Team:  Team DUNNIHOO

Championship Flight:

1st Place Low Gross:  Cindy Merritt

1st Place Low Net:  Teresa Miller

First Flight:

1st Place Low Gross:  Ana Campbell

1st Place Low Net:  Helen Lally

2nd Place Low Gross:  Julie Schmitt

2nd Place Low Net:  Ana Rimkus

3rd Place Low Gross:  Agueda Sanchez

Second Flight:

1st Place Low Gross:  Veronica Mankinen (also, Chapter Champion with Low Gross score of the field!!)

1st Place Low Net:  Michele Bracelin

2nd Place Low Gross:  Kristi Growdon

2nd Place Low Net:  Cherie Litson

3rd Place Low Gross:  Peg Dunner

Third Flight:

1st Place Low Gross:  Kathy Ostrove

1st Place Low Net:  Nancy Bennett Evans

2nd Place Low Gross:  Susan Lehr

2nd Place Low Net:  Charlene Waymire

3rd Place Low Gross:  Pat Solberg

Fourth Flight:

1st Place Low Gross:  Kim Atkinson

1st Place Low Net:  Katie Howard

2nd Place Low Gross:  Janet Worley

Senior Awards:

Senior 1st Place Gross:  Helen Lally

Senior 1st Place Net:  Kathy Ostrove

Super Senior 1st Place Gross:  Peg Dunner

Super Senior 1st Place Net:  Nancy Bennett Evans


Thank you to everyone who competed in the Chapter Championship and the volunteers who helped put on the event.  


Questions about The Chapter Championship

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