The EWGA Cup is an amateur match play competition conducted under the direction of the EWGA Association Headquarters (EWGA). Competition is conducted in two stages of play:

  • Cup Qualifier  – 18 holes of Four-Ball* and 18 holes of Singles** completed over 2 days to determine the teams that will advance to The Cup Finals. Qualifiers will be held during September and October. Click on the Regional Qualifiers tab for details about each Regional Qualifier.
  • National Championship - The Cup Finals – 18 holes of Four-Ball* and 18 holes Singles** completed over 2 days.
All players who wish to compete in the EWGA Cup must meet the eligibility requirements.

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*Four Ball Match Play - A match in which two players (a side) play their better ball against the better ball of two other players (the opposing side). 
All players play their own ball. The lower net score of the two players is the team score on the hole.

**Singles Match Play - A match in which one player plays against another player. Scoring is determined by a hole-by-hole competition. 

Emerald City MatchStix Qualify for the 2014 EWGA Cup! (hidden)

A few years ago, the EWGA began a regional and national match play competition, named the EWGA Cup.  Seattle EWGA has had a team competing each of the past 3 years, finishing SECOND overall last year! Captain Helen Lally, with assistance from 2013 captain Pam Gale, put together another stellar team this year. The Emerald City MatchStix took their talents to steamy Rancho Mirage Sept 13-14 and again qualified for the FINALS of the 2014 EWGA Cup, tying for first and placing second based on a tie-breaker.

L to R: Julie Schmitt, Cherie Litson, Laurel Kiichli, Diane Ginthner, Mary Herlin,
Sam Gillett, Susan Lehr, Helen Lally

Representing Seattle at the qualifier round were Captain Helen Lally, Sam Gillett, Diane Ginthner, Mary Herlin, Laurel Kiichli, Susan Lehr, Cherie Litson, and Julie Schmitt. 2013 captain Pam Gale did a terrific job putting together the team and will join the MatchStix at the finals December 7-8 at Troon North in Scottsdale.

Each team is made up of eight women.  Both the regional and national events are two days: 

Day One:  Four –Ball, a match in which two players from team A each play their own ball against two players from team B playing their own balls.  Who ever has the lowest net score for that hole wins a point for their team.  Points are awarded by hole, the match is won by winning the most points.

Day Two:  Singles match play – one-on-one play, points awarded by winning the hole. 

There is also some very good information about The EWGA Cup and match play competition that can be found at EWGA.com.  (Log in, select Member Clubhouse, then select The EWGA Cup)