Fairway Friends

Get Started, and Get a Mentor

The goal of LPGA Amateurs Seattle is to ensure a welcoming and comfortable environment to all members, regardless of their golf experience. We offer clinics, seminars and a beginner's par 3 league for those getting started, and we also recommend LPGA and PGA instruction and programs such as Get Golf Ready(™). 

While we do not offer individual lessons, you do have a network into which to tap for recommendations. Also, if you would like help getting more comfortable on the course with the golf nuances such as course etiquette, we are happy to pair you with a more experience "LPGA Amateurs Mentor." If you're interested in being assigned a mentor, please contact our Member Services board member by sending email to member.services@lpgaamateursseattle.com.

Don't let the thought of "I'm not good enough" talk you out of getting started!