Membership Sale

We hope you have seen the exciting news about the reduced membership dues and the special sale prices that are valid from January 7 – March 1, 2019.
This is a great opportunity to join, renew or come back to this amazing organization. And YES – even if your membership expires months from now - you can renew your mbership early and add another year at sale price.  We also know that you have friends, family and colleagues who would love to hear about this limited time offer and join in the fun. Please spread the word! 

Use code “SALE2019” to take advantage of this pricing. 
 Membership Category Previous  New Special Offer
 Classic New Member $155 $120 $99 
 Classic Renew $130 $120 $99 
 Senior New Member $125 $85 $64 
 Senior Renew $100 $85 $64 
 Young Professional New Member $75 $65 $44 
 Young Professional Renew $75 $65 $44 
 Military -- $65 $44
 At Large Member $120 $50 N/A
 Dual Member $35 $35 N/A

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Upcoming Events

2019 Golfing Season Begins!

Our golfing season begins with LPGA Amateurs Seattle Chapter presence at the Seattle Golf Show.

Join us by volunteering at the booth or on the convention floor during the 2019 Seattle Golf Show, February 15th (set up), 16th & 17th 2019, located at Century Link Field Convention Center.

Explore the show to see what’s new for 2019 before or after your shift. At the booth we will work three hour shifts and on the floor you can work 4 or 8 hour shifts. This is a great way to share your experiences with potential new members.

Please RSVP to Veronica Mankinen by sending an email with the day(s) and time(s) you are available to membership@lpgaamateursseattle.com

Volunteer Opportunity- NW Harvest

Volunteering in our community is one of the tenants of our chapter. NW Harvest has been a frequent opportunity for us to give back. We are looking for 20 volunteers on March 2nd for the 9am-11am shift. If you are interested in participating, please email Susie Pruit at events@lpgaamateursseattle.com.Further details will be sent to volunteers who respond.

About LPGA Amateur Golf Association and Seattle Chapter

100,000 connected – 12,000 strong

As the world's largest amateur women's golf association, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association (formerly EWGA) has about 12,000 members, with chapters in nearly every major U.S. market, as well as in Bermuda, Canada and Italy. Since 1991, the tax-exempt organization has won awards and helped change the golf industry, but most importantly, has connected with more than 100,000 women who love golf, making friends and forging business relationships. For more info about the LPGA Amateur Golf Association go to lpgaamateurs.com 

The Seattle Chapter

Since 1993, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association (formerly EWGA) Seattle Chapter has promoted the growth of women's golf in the Pacific Northwest.  We welcome all women interested in golf, if

  • You are an avid golfer, looking for organized events at local and national courses
  • You want to play golf, but can't find the people, places or the right time
  • You want an opportunity to learn the rules of the game or golf etiquette
  • You want to learn about golf handicaps and how to get one
  • You travel and want a source for woman-friendly courses and or friendly golf companions in other areas
  • You want to test or improve your golf skills through friendly competitions
then come join us, sign up to become a member.

2019 Birdies, Eagles and Accomplishments

New hashtags are here! We are excited to be adding a second one for 2019. 

When you get a birdie, add #LPGAAmSeaBird19 to your post. 

We also want to celebrate any accomplishment you are excited with in your game of golf (i.e. first time breaking 100; first par; dropping your handicap). Anything that you want to celebrate, add #LPGAAmSeaGolf19 to your post.   

Remember to send the photo, with the date, golf course, hole #, and whether it’s a birdie, eagle, accomplishment, etc.  


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