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We hope you have seen the exciting news about the reduced membership dues and the special sale prices that are valid from January 7 – March 1, 2019.
This is a great opportunity to join, renew or come back to this amazing organization. And YES – even if your membership expires months from now - you can renew your mbership early and add another year at sale price.  We also know that you have friends, family and colleagues who would love to hear about this limited time offer and join in the fun. Please spread the word! 

Use code “SALE2019” to take advantage of this pricing. 
 Membership Category Previous  New Special Offer
 Classic New Member $155 $120 $99 
 Classic Renew $130 $120 $99 
 Senior New Member $125 $85 $64 
 Senior Renew $100 $85 $64 
 Young Professional New Member $75 $65 $44 
 Young Professional Renew $75 $65 $44 
 Military -- $65 $44
 At Large Member $120 $50 N/A
 Dual Member $35 $35 N/A

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